Q: When do flu vaccines begin?
Ans: Flu vaccines typically commence in mid-October on an annual basis. This year, our start date for administering flu vaccines is October 16, 2023. Please contact us to book an appointment today!

Q: What is the name of the new COVID-19 Vaccine strain and how long do I have to wait from my previous dose to receive it?
Ans: The newest COVID-19 vaccine strain is the Omicron XBB.1.5. Current guidelines suggest waiting 3 months after your last COVID-19 dose to receive the new one.

Q: How long should I wait to receive the COVID-19 vaccine if I recently contracted COVID-19?
Ans: Current guidelines suggest waiting 3 months from a positive COVID-19 test before receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

Q: How much does the Shingles vaccine cost and is it covered by the government (I.e Publically funded)?
Ans: The shingles vaccine, Shingrix, is a two dose vaccine. Each dose costs approximately $180.00 (which includes the injection fee) and the interval between doses is 2-6 months. Currently, some private insurance plans cover the cost of the vaccine but it is NOT publically funded and therefore not covered by public plans (I.e. Seniors Blue Cross).

Q: Which pneumonia vaccine is publically funded and when am I eligible to receive it?
Ans: The Pneumovax-23 is the publicly funded pneumonia vaccine available to all residents of Canada after they turn 65 years old. For individuals with specific medical conditions that make them more susceptible to contracting pneumonia, this age restriction is lifted. Please contact the pharmacy for more details and to determine if you qualify for the pneumonia vaccine.

Q: What kinds of medical conditions can a pharmacist prescribe for?
Ans: An Alberta pharmacist with additional prescribing authorization (APA) can provide medications for minor ailments that are within their ability to assess the medical condition the patient is presenting with. Technically, a pharmacist can provide a prescription for any medication that is not classified as a narcotic or controlled substance.

Q: Can a pharmacist renew my prescription if I’m out of refills?
Ans: Yes, an Alberta pharmacist can renew your prescription if you are completely out of refills. We never want any patients to have to go without their medications for any length of period. However, depending on the medication, the pharmacist may ask you to first book an appointment with your physician and then will provide an adequate amount of medications to last you until the scheduled appointment.

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