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Our New Website Puts You First: Cochrane Clinic Pharmacy's Upgrade for a Better Experience

We’re excited to share the news about our freshly redesigned website, carefully crafted to prioritize your experience and make online pharmacy services more user-friendly. This update goes beyond looks – it shows our commitment to excellence and proactive response to your changing needs in the digital age. ACE SEO Consulting, experts in SEO and Web Design in Calgary, have helped us create a website that’s not just about information but also about making your visit smooth and easy.

What's New on Our Website

Our New Website Puts You First: Cochrane Clinic Pharmacy's Upgrade for a Better Experience


Our website is now adaptable to your phone, desktop, or tablet. We want you to have the same great experience no matter how you access our site.

Getting Around is Easy:

We’ve made it simple for you to navigate our site. Finding what you need is a breeze, making Cochrane Clinic Pharmacy your go-to place for health-related information and services.

Special Sections for You:

Our Diabetes Section: We understand the importance of reliable info for diabetes patients. That’s why we’ve dedicated a section to provide insights, tips, and services to help you manage your diabetes and overall health. With a dedicated “DIABETES” section on the website, customers do not need to spend hours on the internet browsing “diabetes clinic near me.”

Travel Vaccinations Made Simple: Booking appointments for travel vaccinations is now just a few clicks away. We want to ensure you’re protected against preventable diseases while travelling.

COVID-19 Info Hub: Our “COVID-19” section is your go-to for the latest updates, vaccines, and guidelines related to the pandemic.

As the healthcare landscape evolves, we’re dedicated to staying ahead. This website redesign ensures we’re with you every step of the way, providing reliable pharmacy services that meet your needs.

With a focus on innovative and patient-centric healthcare solutions, we at Cochrane Clinic Pharmacy constantly redefine what excellence means in the healthcare industry. Our website redesign is just one way we’re enhancing your overall healthcare experience.

Our Press Release

We’re thrilled to announce that our press release about our new website is also now live. This helps us reach more people and inform you about our commitment to excellent pharmacy services and our recent website upgrade.